Friday, 22 October 2010

Urgent Software Install

Half term next week im fully booked up and a Head of Faculty comes up with a disc first thing:

Twat: Can you install this!, do you now if it has a licence or how to install it? I cant do it. (Course not, think we'd give you rights to do that?)

Me: Licence should be with the software, havent seen this before so dont know how it installs. It wont get installed over the next week as im fully booked. Leave it with me and ill take a look.

A few hours later:

Twat: Have you looked at it?

Me: No, but this is only a preview copy, it says on the back you, will need the licenses to unlock full content.

Goes away then comes back later with another disc, This is the one I want, kind of insisiting that it needs to be installed today so that it can be used first day back as he needs to give it to a parent.

Twat: Can I install it on a home pc? or a Mac?

Me: I dont know leave it with me, im fully booked up (shows calendar) but ill burn a copy so we can look at it and I will take a look if i can.

Checked the install and its easy but needs to have the CD in drive to access data after install.
Come back agains

Me: Install is simple, but you will need to give the parent the cd as its needed after install.

Twat: Its for my parents.

Me: Oh!?!

Kinda left me stunned that he wasted my time by looking at his software that he wanted to give to mummy and daddy!!


Monday, 18 October 2010

IT Manager

We have an E-Newsletter being sent out soon.

A draft copy of the content was emailed to the IT Manager.

It was then printed out, stapled together, ammedned by hand and handed back to be typed in???


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Non IT request of the day.

Have you got a paper clip?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Non IT Request

I work in an IT Support department of a school and today a teacher came in asking me "Do you have a drawing pin?" No please, just Do you have a drawing pin. Umm.... Yeah sure, would you like it installed with XP or Vista, im afraid they are not compatible with windows 7. Oh yeah, and the drawing pin was to fix their flip flop.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008